Photograph by Eulalia de Valdenebro.jpg Photograph by Diana Restrepo.jpg

Performance and installation in cotton cord
Final dimensions of the sculputure: 6x4x3.5 m approx.
Performance duration: 40 hours approx.
Inter-Independientes group exhibition, Bogota Chamber of Commerce, Artecámara Salitre
Photographs by Eulalia De Valdenebro, Diana Restrepo, Sandra Miranda Pattin and Cristina Figueroa Palau.


Cristina Figueroa Palau knits spaces allowing forms, forces and thoughts to be drawn into space through very subtle movements. Knitting operates as an extension of her own body, as well as other people’s when she knits around them. Her fiber sculptures come from a tacit and intense meditation process that occurs in the act of knitting. These sculptures thus become suspended drawings that transform and move constantly, as though she is drawing into space the path of a meditative process. I see in her work an interesting duality between the limitations of form that can be inherent to sculpture, and the unlimited possibilities of drawing into space over extended periods of time (days or weeks).

I consider her act of knitting a sculpture a performative ritual where she builds a contemporary language from an old and sacred labour that has been predominantly done by women throughout history. This, I believe, is a very important element in her work, through threads, her sculpture seems to be connected to an infinite family tree, where observers become instantly part of the work.

Sandra Miranda Pattin
Artist and independent curator.